Year in Review 2017

We say it every year and I’ll say it again, this was a huge year of growth and transition for Trust. Maybe someday we’ll settle down and just do the same stuff for a full year (I sort of doubt it), but this was certainly not that year. 2017 was more about internal growth than external growth, but the result is a platform to grow externally like never before. A big part of the accomplishment of this year is the massive excitement that is building for the next few years. We’ll get into all of the changes and hit on some of that excitement in a bit, but first! Stats!


  • 3.1

    $ Mil Sales

  • 2046


  • 166

    New Customers

5,245 boxes filled with 477,644 "new favorite" shirts.

  • 1.45

    Million Prints

  • 7325


  • 4277


New Favorite Shirts

We started a new initiative this year that we are so excited about. We’ve spent years filling our closets with our Trust shirts. It’s our uniform and for most of us it’s our favorite shirt that we own. If you run into a Trust employee in person there’s a really good chance they are wearing a Trust shirt. This year we decided to share our shirts with anyone who wanted one so maybe it could become their new favorite shirt too.

Murphy short black and white

The response has been even greater than we expected. We’ve already sent out over 600 New Favorite Shirts printed and packaged with care by our team. We’ve received selfies of people enjoying their Trust shirts while rock climbing, in classrooms, and even across the world in Egypt. If you haven’t gotten one yet, we strongly suggest you hit the button below and remedy that. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? Especially one this soft and wearable!

Team Changes

This has been a huge, turbulent, exciting, and challenging year for the team. We’ve made big moves, we’ve added some awesome new team members, and we’ve sadly said goodbye to a couple of amazing people as they moved across the metroplex or across the country.

  • Chris 2
  • Daniel
  • Hannah
  • Jeremy
  • Katie
  • Travis
  • Tiff
  • Landon

On the production side of the shop, we lost a couple of our most seasoned printers and we’ve asked our other printers to step up and take new responsibilities. They’ve responded well and continue to learn and to grow. Chris also took on more responsibility as Production Director, freeing up Jeremy to do what he does best: working on awesome and exciting new projects with his unbelievable technical abilities.

One of the seasoned printers that left the production side of Trust was Daniel, who moved into the office to head up our new Sales Department. We’ll dig into this more in the next section.

Pushing Out

One of our biggest initiatives of this year was setting Trust up to push our message out to more people. We’ve spent our entire history being a reactive company. We sit back and wait for people to call us, and then we create their projects with care and excitement. This has worked for us for many years, but it isn’t a sustainable system and it doesn’t bring us all of the people that we match perfectly with that will never stumble across us. We believe in our product and our service, and we want to reach all of the people that we could do awesome work with.

  • Sticker card
  • Film music

The first step was putting people in place to focus on this goal. We brought in Hannah early this summer to manage our Marketing and Social Media, then a couple months later we moved Travis over to an Outside Sales role. Daniel moved over from his printing role to head up this new Sales department, and we started building strategies and processes to reach new people.

Along with this we’ve started the long and complex process of building an internal and external system that will better serve our customers and help us get more people through the door so that we can help them get shirts that are going to be worn and loved.

New Space

With the addition of a sales team and with an eye to the future, we realized that our office setup wasn’t a sustainable solution. We decided to go all out and remove all of our walls for one big, connected workspace that would allow us to continue to find focus and get our work done, but would allow us to grow comfortably as well as encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

Office 1

Jeremy’s new role allowed him to spend three straight weeks focused on the construction process, and he absolutely crushed it with an almost unbelievable speed, tearing down walls, deconstructing and reconstructing a wall of windows for the new Conference room, and building desks and tables for our new workspace.

2017 Highlights

Long Beach

Trust sent a team of 6 to Long Beach for the Imprinted Sportswear Show to learn, connect, and explore new ideas and technologies. We stopped in with our friends at Bella+Canvas and toured their amazing headquarters. Bella+Canvas is doing a large portion of their production in the US, with some pieces going overseas for sewing. They boast a great work environment and pay their employees well. They focus on recycling, with recyclable materials and trash cans few and far between.

Long beach

At the show we sat down with Magna Colours, the manufacturers of our amazing HSA ink and talked through difficulties and solutions. The rest of the show was full of exciting new technologies and ideas, and afterwards the team met up with old friends, made new connections, and took in some much needed beach time.


This year was the 3rd annual Brewedfest event by our friends at Brewed. This year's was the biggest yet, moving to Magnolia Green park and incorporating some amazing sponsors. Trust was on hand to live print cool baseball tees and Matt and Jeremy took up spots on the Bean Monsters team.

Brewed fest

The game will be remembered for one play in particular, in the final inning as our very own Matthew Lucas stepped up with two outs and a tied score. With a calm confidence Matt hit the first walk-off home run in BrewedFest history and was carried off the field by his teammates in what will certainly be the high point of his athletic career.

Amon Carter

We had the awesome opportunity to participate in the Crafting from the Collection event at the Amon Carter Museum. If you’re not local, the Amon Carter is a great art museum just down the road from us that does a lot of work in the community and offers free admission to their exciting exhibits. The Crafting from the Collection event is a chance for people to come and learn an artful skill. Previous events have covered leather decoration and paper art, and this month it was time for screen printing!

Amon carter

Jeremy, Hannah, and Jesse brought our live printing setup and demonstrated a short presentation on Trust and how screen printing works. After a short tour of some applicable pieces from the museum and a lesson from Jeremy on manual printing, the attendees lined up to print their very own posters. The print was a CMYK re-creation of a painting from the Amon Carter collection which turned out amazing! Every person approached their printing differently, some being very deliberate and exact while others intentionally printed each color at a different angle for more experimental results. It was so much fun to teach and to watch how much people enjoy learning about something that we do every day.

Yellow Conference

The Yellow Conference is a massive women’s creative and entrepreneurial conference in Los Angeles offering advice and encouragement. This year’s event was focused on “The Journey” and Trust embarked on our own journey to live print and give away shirts to all 500 attendees. We shipped our live printing setup to LA while Matt and Hannah packed up and flew out there for a week of sunshine and great conversations.

Yellow conference

Before the conference started, Matt and Hannah visited and met with some awesome LA based companies. On Thursday and Friday we posted up with our manual press and huge stacks of shirts to make connections and share screen printed shirts with all of the awesome women who attended. Our live printing setup got a facelift with a new tablecloth and backdrop, and the shirts turned out amazing with our new air-drying ink. We loved traveling to a different part of the country and connecting with new people and we are so excited to see the fruits of this trip as we build on the connections we made!

Film + Music Conference

Our good friends at Musicbed and Filmsupply put on their first annual Film + Music Conference right down the street from us this October and Trust was able to be a part of the amazing weekend.

Trust provided printing services for the conference, starting with staff shirts and totes printed at the shop before the event and ending with a selection of two designs and 4 shirts to be live printed at the conference. The printing was fun, but the conversations were even better. We connected with a lot of awesome people and we've already set up and printed orders for some of the attendees like Defacto Sound and their awesome Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast as well as Film + Music Conference sponsor, Ikan.

Trust Camping Trip

We did something really exciting this fall, heading off for a team camping trip. We closed down the shop and met at Lake Mineral Wells State Park for a couple days of relaxing and spending time together. Time outside of work is so valuable for growing a healthy, connected team and this trip was a fantastic opportunity to connect.

After some quick tent setup we took off for a picnic lunch, hiking, and rock climbing. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing soccer, games, and music before settling in by the fire to cook up some dinner. Beers, s’mores, 20 Questions, and deep conversation carried us deep into the night and the sounds of wind and dogs woke us up bright and early.

Looking Forwards

We’ve just scratched the surface of our 2017, but the most exciting part of this year is the foundation we have laid to launch into 2018. Next year is going to hold some huge innovation for Trust in our customer experience and outreach. With a few months of sales experience we will be reaching out to many new and exciting people, and with some incredible technology advancements through our website and internal software we will be serving all of our customers in better ways than ever before.

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Connect with Us!

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of our 2017! We hope that you connect with us on social media or through our newsletter, if you haven’t already. We’re extremely excited about next year and we hope you follow us through it. If you need shirts, advice about shirts, more information, or if you just want to chat we’d love to talk to you. Happy New Year!