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Year in Review

2016 is over, but the lessons we learned are the foundation for 2017’s progress. Learn all about our year and join us in getting pumped for the next 365!

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One of our favorite

printing techniques is CMYK process printing, which allows us to replicate near photo quality on white garments with only 4 colors. Check it out and open up some new art possibilities.

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Breakless Pricing

If you’re new to Trust you may not have heard about our incredible Breakless Pricing. If you’re tired of trying to hit quantity breaks and ending up with shirts you don’t need, check out what we can do for you.

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Dig into Trust

If you haven’t heard we’ve got a blog! If you’re interested in screen printing, the adventures of a small business, or if you’re just interested in us, check it out!

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What we do

Trust Printshop is a screen printing company. It’s the heart and soul of what we do. If it has to do with screen printing, we do it, and we do it well.

Our Reps will match you with the perfect print and garment options.
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Print Logistics
We can help match the right garments for your vision and need.
Wwd blanks mWwd blanks bw
Blank Matching
Our focus-engineered separations consistently set us apart.
Wwd separations cWwd separations bw
High-End Separations
We plan and execute consistent and reliable prints across all garments.
Wwd screen printing yWwd screen printing bw
Screen Printing
Add brand credibility with high detail custom neck labels.
Wwd tagging mWwd tagging bw
Custom Neck Label
Shine on the shelves with our high-end finishing services.
Wwd finishing cWwd finishing bw
Retail-Ready Finishing

What we believe

We believe that big things are made of many small things. And that when you focus on making the small things great, the big things are sure to be even greater. We believe in taking the high road. And that our work is an opportunity to share a piece of ourselves with you.

Trust is our ideas. Trust is our work. Trust is our family.

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Our Process

We have streamlined our processes and cut down on wasted time and materials. We focus on getting your order to you as quickly as possible, while ensuring that everything that leaves our shop is up to our high standard of quality.

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We take your art and vision, and design an order that is perfect for you. Our Customer Reps work with you to organize blank styles and colors, color counts, delivery dates, and pricing, while our Art Department creates photo-realistic mockups for your approval. That way, there are no bad surprises.

Proc print bw


Once your order has been approved, it moves into production. Screens are created for your art, and each blank shirt is inspected for quality and accuracy. Once the printing magic begins, our printers and art team compare each print against the approved mockup. It doesn’t leave our doors unless it meets our standard, and our standard is high.

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We offer several options for finishing your order. We can fold, bag, barcode, and hangtag your garments to ship to retail, or simply box with care and send directly to you. We put as much care into delivery as the rest of our process, and shipping is free and timely.

Our Work

Our work is sharp, bold, bright, and soft. Our work is our passion. It’s the reason we show up at 8 every morning. Our work is exciting for us and for our customers. Our work speaks for itself.

The Team

Trust is a select group of talented, motivated individuals with a healthy obsession for screen printing. We work hard, we play hard, we do everything hard. Above all else, Trust is a family, we succeed by working together and trusting each other.

Matthew Lucas
Matt started this company in his garage over a decade ago. His passion for printing and his detail oriented focus has driven Trust Printshop further than he ever thought possible, and he never lets it go to his beautiful head.
Tiffany Sloat
Tiff is that sweet and friendly voice you have probably talked to if you have called us in the last 5 years. Being Matt's sister has not stopped her from busting her butt every single day as one of Trust's most diligent employees.
Janell Johnson
Janell has settled into her role as Customer Rep and has slowly been taking some of the weight off of Tiffany’s workload as well as handling some of our biggest new customers. She spends most of her free time around Receiving.
Travis Bryant
The rise of Travis continues as he makes an exciting move into the office. His beautiful voice was destined for the phones, and his beautiful face necessitates a front office. Oh, also he’s a hard worker with a great, helpful personality.
Jesse Mackenzie
Creative Director
Jesse is our Creative Director. He splits his time between managing the Art Department and Creative duties, looking to innovate and push the company in both areas while maintaining an air of pretentiousness about all things design.
Jeremy Sloat
Production Manager
Jeremy is somehow both the brains and the brawn of production, keeping us organized and focused. Now with 3 managers underneath him, Jeremy is free to pursue exciting projects, innovations, and processes to push production to new heights.
Chris Gildea
Production Manager
Chris has been a part of Trust for almost forever. His printing knowledge, incredible work ethic, and superhuman speed and strength suit him perfectly for managing the printing wing of production.
Ryan Johnson
Production Manager
Ryan has held several positions at Trust during his tenure, stepping up selflessly whenever a need arises and excelling in all cases. He may have now settled into his long-term position, managing our "pre-printing" wing of production and ensuring that each press has everything they might need at all times.
Katee Summers
Production Manager
Katie’s energy, hard work, and exceeding competence make her the perfect person to move into a management role. She is responsible for everything that happens after the shirts get printed including Quality Control, finishing, and shipping.
Justin White
Justin has worked diligently to make the Art Department his own, building his speed and efficiency to handle an ever-increasing workload with focus and accuracy. The only supervision he needs now is someone to check in every once in awhile to make sure he hasn’t nodded off.
Grace Johnston
Screen & Ink Manager
Grace brings a great deal of hard work to both the Screen and Ink Departments. She’s slowly broken out of her shell in the past couple years, and we’ve discovered there’s a big, bright personality under all that hair.
Marc Johnson
Screen Department Assistant
Marc was hired primarily to make us all feel old and out of shape. He also happens to be a fantastic worker and a quick learner. His help in the screen department helped free up Grace and Jeremy to take on more responsibility and in retrospect we still would have hired him even if he wasn’t Ryan’s brother.
Daniel Morgan
Press Manager
Daniel is a great printer and press leader. He is a no-nonsense worker, but pretty full of nonsense otherwise. He is also our resident knife expert.
Taylor Poston
Press Manager
Taylor has spent the last few years becoming an expert on press. He is a great worker, a great printer, and just wants you to chill out, man.
Robin Adkison
Press Manager
Robin has come a long way from showcasing his art in our shop. He has become an expert printer, now managing a press and letting his hard work and artistic talent express themselves in the prints he produces.
Jonathan Stewart
Press Manager
Jonathan has quickly moved from stacker to Press Manager. He joined us with a lot of printing experience, and has now merged that with experience in our system to effectively manage a press.
Jenna Riehl
Press Operator
Jenna has not been at Trust for very long, but you wouldn’t know it from watching her work. She has proven herself a diligent worker and a fast learner, and her last name is pronounced “real” which is awesome.
Stephane Martin
Press Operator
Stephane joins our print team with a great mindset and a hard working attitude. Stephane certainly has traveled the furthest to find his way to Trust; growing up in France and, until very recently, living in Europe. His unique perspective and experiences are great assets to the team. Also his accent is wonderful.
Sean Ramsey
Press Operator
Sean brings extensive printing experience to the team, boosting our production capabilities and quickly getting the hang of our techniques and process. He also brings more musical talent and more fantastic hair to a team full of both.
Leo Herrera
Press Operator
Leo was previously a nutritionist at the Fort Worth Zoo. Trust may be a little less exotic environment, but we are very excited about adding his hard work and smiling face to our team.
Josh Hogan
Quality Control
When he isn’t traveling the world, Josh resides at the end of our dryer ensuring print quality, keeping our counts straight, packing boxes with love, and drawing on every surface he can reach.
Hector Mata
Quality Control
Hector is a veteran quality control specialist at this point. His picture perfect shirt stacks and fantastic work ethic are a great example and we love him even if he finds our jokes immature sometimes.
Hannah Collins
Quality Control
Hannah has fit right in at Trust and is steadily mastering Quality Control. Her energy and attitude brighten our days, and we suspect she might have psychic powers.
Annelyse Smith
Quality Control
We were very familiar with Annelyse’s work at Juice Junkies before she joined our team as a quality control specialist. We figured if we were going to see her so often we might as well start paying her, and we have been rewarded with addition to the Trust family.
Ren Newman
Finishing Specialist
Ren endeared herself to us almost immediately, spoiling us with incredible baked goods several times in her first couple weeks and then backing it up with quick learning, a bright personality, and a great work ethic.
Jake Bloom
Before we hired him, Jake spent a lot of time around Trust for someone who was not an employee. He's a designer/illustrator with a knack for turning ideas into beautiful designs and a penchant for musical outbursts.
Joel Collins
Pre-Production Specialist
Joel joined us almost immediately after his sister Hannah, helping out part time during a big rush. We loved his work ethic and his attitude, so we told him he'd better just stick around for good.

Our Friends

At Trust, we love and appreciate our customers. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve made some great friends. These are just a few of the awesome customers we get to work with on a consistent basis.

Compete thumb

Compete Every Day

Compete Every Day is a lifestyle brand aiming to provide the fuel for overcoming life’s obstacles. They are based on motivation, creating sport and streetwear with positive messages and designs.
Living church thumb 1

Living Church

Living Church was founded 5 years ago by Dan and Rachel Hunter, who moved from a church in Houston to reach the quickly growing community of Mansfield, Texas.
Mouser thumb


Mouser Electronics is a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components based in Mansfield, Texas. Supplying over 500 industry leading suppliers.

Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby is an infamous personality in the rodeo community and the face of Rodeo Time, a clothing and lifestyle brand. Based right here in Texas, Dale is most famous for his youtube videos in which he ropes, rides, and gives life advice.
Refit thumb


REFIT's mission is simple: Experience Fitness + Build Community + Make Impact. REFIT is a cardio infused group fitness program, teaching and empowering instructors to start revolutionary classes in their communities.
Lakepointe thumb 3

Lake Pointe Church

Lake Pointe is a church with a diverse and vibrant community of people with campuses throughout DFW, Austin and Corpus Christi. Their main campus is in Rockwall and their Internet Campus live-streams the services to enjoy anywhere.

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